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About Us

The idea of creating an all encompassing e-Prescribing portal was conceptualized when Co-Founder Ryan Seaberg suffered a football injury and was prescribed a large quantity of opioids. He understood the detrimental affects of opioids after seeing countless teammates fall victim to addiction and witnessed first-hand how easy it was for his peers to acquire them. He created a platform that can accurately track prescriptions and alert doctors of potential abusers prior to submission in order to catch and prevent addiction early on. The result - A portal that provides universal access to medical records.

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We are committed to combating inefficiencies that doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies face today through the technology they use. We are passionate about improving patient safety and clinician ease-of-use in the prescribing process. P.A.G.R. assists in the prevention of opioid fraud, over-prescribing, and abuse.



Our ambition is to impact the communities that see disparate prescription abuse through a safer and more efficient e-Prescribing technology.

Our Advisors

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Dr. David Seaberg, CMO

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Dr. David Adair


Our Partners

Mandatory Disclosure

The P.A.G.R Prescriptions platform supports MFA in accordance with §170.315(d)(13). All providers must perform an ID verification before using the platform. The MFA is used on all controlled substance medications before submitting to a pharmacy, and to export data that may contain PHI.

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