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Bringing Blockchain to Prescription Tracking and Management 


EirSystems Inc. believes blockchain technology will facilitate the solution for the following problems healthcare markets face today:  

  • Lack of oversight and tracking of medications

  • Lack of transparent and interoperable medical data

  • Lack of security and standardized policies


P.A.G.R. Prescriptions © (Prescription Abuse Greatly Reduced) is a robust e-prescribing platform leveraging Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology.


P.A.G.R. Prescription's secure and interoperable platform will allow doctors and pharmacists to accurately track the movement of opioid prescriptions, write prescriptions, and perform medicine reconciliation all in one easy to use web interface.

Why Blockchain?

01 / Distributed Ledger
02 / Consensus Protocol
03 / Peer to Peer Network

04 / Privatized Blockchain

All parties registered on our ecosystem will have limited access to data entries and any oversight committee can keep a better watch on the entire medical process by observing the transactions on our ledger.

This will function as a mandatory check on any transaction within our ecosystem. The consensus protocol will help eliminate fraud and human errors associated with medical filing and prescribing.

By having data distributed across our entire node ecosystem, medical data can be better secured from  distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that occur frequently on traditional systems.

Access to our products will require a strict 2 factor authentication and appropriate medical credentials to perform any action in our ecosystem.


Our Dedicated Team

Our Dedicated Team

Tyler Seaberg


Chris Zack

Chief Compliance Officer

Ryan Seaberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Kenston O'Neal

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Newman

Project Manager

Juan Garrido

Lead Developer

Cody Reed

Front End Developer

Company Advisors

Company Advisors

David Seaberg


Nita Shumaker


David Adair


Eric Ramos
Andy Perez
Sassan Naderi

M.D., J.D.

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