P.A.G.R. Prescriptions

Prescription Abuse Greatly Reduced

About P.A.G.R.

P.A.G.R. is an advanced platform that will allow physicians and pharmacists to utilize built-in tools that make the prescribing process simpler, safer, and more efficient. P.A.G.R. can be integrated or installed into any system, and operates in one easy to use web interface.

Benefits of using P.A.G.R.

We cost less.

P.A.G.R. eliminates long term contracts by offering a monthly subscription with no EHR required.

Faster performance.

P.A.G.R. automates required functions, so users can focus on what matters.

Enhanced Security.

P.AG.R. has built in safety protocols that make it more secure than

traditional systems.

We use novel technology.

Physicians can be confident when writing prescriptions because we accumulate data from 3rd-parties to create an accurate, and holistic view of patients' prescription histories.

Advanced Features

Some of what we offer

Insurance and pharmacy benefits checks.

P.A.G.R. eliminates insurance hassles. 

Patient matching.

Ensure your patients' profiles are accurate and up to date.

Drug interaction detection.

Prevent costly errors prior to processing prescriptions.

Request our demo to see more advanced features.